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Know All About Buying Your First RV

June 15,2015

 If you love to travel and lead a camping lifestyle, then a RV or a motor home is the perfect vehicle for you. They come with full-fledged features of a compact apartment, i.e, a kitchen, a bathroom, bedroom and a living area. These recreational vehicles give you the feel of travelling with a home on wheels. So lovers of travel it’s time to purchase your dream vehicle and travel as much as you want.

While you purchase them make sure that they come with necessary features for your survival on the road. Here are some tips on the various features that could help you out to pick your first RV: - 

  1. Storage is the first key feature to judge your RV - Initially assess the reasons why you will be travelling, how long you are to stay on the road and what all activities you and your fellow RV members are willing to participate in. Your RV should come along with storage features for a water hose, grill, shovel, lawn chairs, clothing and pantry style food.
  2. Look for proper working of holding tank - Another crucial feature of motor homes that you should check for is the holding tank. A holding tank is how your motor home holds water and toilet waste until dumping. It is important for you to look at where these motor home features are located on your RV.
  3. Visible dual tires - If you are looking at a recreational vehicle that has dual tires, make sure you check to see if these tires are accessible both visually and physically. You want to make certain all of your motor home features are easy to access.
  4. Full of other amenities - Whether you are staying at camping grounds with full amenities or will you be off the beaten path more during your travels? So while buying a RV do check that you are equipped with other amenities like capable of carrying water, batteries for appliances and much more!
  5. Spend money realistically - Make a list of priorities like what is necessary during your travel expeditions and also what you need to invest down the road. You could ask around from other RV owners for their piece of advice or go for a full blown research but make sure you purchase the RV in a given budget only.

To buy a small RV through sale ( can also prove out to be a cost effective measure for you. All you have to do is to follow these tips and purchase your dream vehicle. 


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