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Things to consider while buying used class A motor homes

September 28,2015

 If you are planning to buy a used motor home or any other recreational vehicle, then early winter or fall can be the ideal time to make the purchase as many people return from their summer camping season and do not intend to pay for storage and maintenance of their recreational vehicles. Purchasing a used motor home that is still in better condition can save you a lot of money. 

After calculating various factors such as financing, depreciation, maintenance other costs, a used motor home that is about three years old should cost you about half the price of a brand new one.     

The following tips will help you find a used motor home that is right for you. 

1) When you are buying a used motor home you should check how long it remained idle since it is not good if it remained idle for a longer period. Mechanical equipments should remain in use to keep the inner parts of the machine in good condition.   

2) You should also check where the motor home remained stored and on what kind of surface when it remained idle. If it was parked on a grass base, the moisture on the ground base may have caused rust to the underbelly of the motor home which may result in stiff brakes and rotting frames. Motor homes parked on a cemented surface may have remained in a good condition than those that dealt with moisture exposure. 

3) Check the exterior of the motor home and ensure that it should not be faded or discolored. Faded exteriors may point to exposure to the sun while it remained parked or stored.    

4) Check if the entry doors, slide outs and windows are functioning properly or not. Check out other things as well such as roof, roof seals, heating, cooling system, water lines, bathroom facilities, propane tank, interior, flooring etc.  

5) Before you purchase the motor home, you should preferably run it once and look for any sign of smoke. If you find some signs of smoke it may indicate that there is an issue with oil consumption, impaired rubber gaskets or leaking valve seals.  

6) While you are looking for used class ‘A’ motor homes for sale (, you should also inquire when the last maintenance was done. Find out any other previous issues in the motor home, date of last repair, things which have not been repaired or checked and the next maintenance due date. 

The above points will definitely help you find the used class ‘A’ motor home that is ideal for you. 


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